"Thursday, bloody Thursday" in Northern Ireland | World


Investigations to locate the killer of the murder.

DERI A 29-year-old journalist was killed on Thursday night in Derry, Northern Ireland, during a demonic Catholic demonstration against British sovereignty in Northern Ireland. British police described the incident as a terrorist coup. Laura McKi was near police vehicles that were stoned and stuck with Molotov bombs. In his last Twitter post, the reporter took a picture of the episodes with the caption "Derry Tonight.

"The death of Laura McKie in yesterday's terrorist episode in the Londonteri shocks us. It is a case of violent violence," said British Prime Minister Teresa May.

On Friday, rebels from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) agreed to deposit their weapons in exchange for a special regime for Northern Ireland and the absence of any kind of border with the Republic of Ireland. The end of the perennial riots was hailed as a very important step, which was made possible by the participation of Ireland and Great Britain in the European Union. Few have disagreed with the compromise and incidents of violence in the region in recent years have been scant. However, there are fears that groups like the "new IRA" will turn against any border infrastructure that appears on the island, according to Britain's agreement to withdraw from the EU. Fears about the impact in Northern Ireland have created the policy of British Prime Minister Teresa May on Brexit. "It was an act of hatred," said Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. "An attack on all of us, our nation and our freedoms."

SaoRad, a party linked to the "new IRA," said that, according to what he knows, McKi was "killed by a Republican volunteer by mistake." In January, a high-powered bomb exploded in front of a court in Londerhari. "Nobody wants to go back to the 70s, 80s and 90s," said DUP Provincial Party chief Arlin Foster.


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