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The reason for the start of schools at 09:00 p.m., a proposal made by Kostas Gavroglou and which is currently being discussed in the educational community.

The Minister of Education, on the other hand, "The process is under way to get the school bell at 9:00 am" of the new school year.

As the Deputy Minister of Education, Meropi Tzoufi, in the statements on the state channel, the change of time being discussed primary school but at high school and high school., while a competent committee meeting with representatives of the OLME is expected today to discuss the issue.

Mr Gavroglou stressed that the opinion of the relevant committee was designed to investigate the possibility of reforming school hours.

However, according to the plan It is suggested that courses start at 09:00 in the morning instead of at 8:15 am today.

At the same time, intense concern for parents who have two children in elementary and middle school and need to move for two different hours.

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