This is the Survivor player this year who turned down production in the first year!


"The main reason I said that this year's participation is the repudiation I received since I was fired from Survivor 1."

TV Tv magazine and Fofo Boniou interviewed Tony Stavratis, who spoke on the floor who talked about Survivor and revealed that he had been rejected in the first round of the cast.

Why did you sign up for Survivor?

The main reason is the repudiation I have had since I was fired from Survivor 1. It is an experience that I have always wanted to live. I am a child who grew up as a survivor and has always been hard work. I wanted to live this and certainly the prize money was a terribly big motivation. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I believed that through my participation in a TV show I can have a better tomorrow for me and my family.

What did your 11-week stay in St. Dominic teach you?

The fact that we have to enjoy the people we have at our side and that there are people who are fighting for their food. The hunger we passed was very large. I enjoyed all these goods that we have given every day. I appreciated the food, the bath, the water, the bed where we slept. As for the rest, it was a miniature of life. It is very difficult to join 11 different people. I never liked lying and hypocrisy, the words from behind. There I saw very strongly. Others were behind the cameras, and when I saw them, I saw completely different behaviors.

Tony Stavratis

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