This is the Cocktail … not written by Notopoulos [εικόνες]


04/18/19 • 10:11 | UPD 04/18/19 • 10:24


In bars in the center, Katerina Netopoulou offered her own cocktail.

With a cocktail … Nopoletlina welcomed the candidate for mayor of Thessaloniki, Katerina Notopoulou, attending the opening of its electoral center, 40 Ayias Sofias Street, Thessaloniki.

In a bar that had been installed in the center, the mayoral candidate Elections 2019 she offered her own cocktail.

A blend of vodka, grenadine, pear and ginger to please the faces and friends of the party that had flooded the area.

The poorly written suspension

In her post, however, on Instagra, Katerina Netopoulou … made a misspelling when she wrote "coctail" instead of a cocktail that is right.

The latest search for Thessaloniki

The conclusions of the Alco poll for the elections and the municipality of Thessaloniki are revealing. According to the survey conducted April 4-10, ND-based candidate Nikos Tachias is ahead at 17%, followed by Giorgos Orfanos, the "rebel" at ND, by 12.5%. Next is the SYRIZA candidate, Katerina Notopoulou, with 8.5%.

Following are: Panagiotis Psomiadis, Spyros Vougias and Konstantinos Zervas with 7%, while the undecided counters accumulate a large percentage of 16%.

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