The work of the Greek-Central-Romanian Joint Committee on School Books begins


Today, the work of the Greek-Macedonian joint interdisciplinary expert committee on historic, archaeological and educational issues begins.

The Foreign Ministry statement states that the Prespa Agreement is clear since the Commission's work is provisionally commenced until the agreement is in force.

It also clarifies that the agreement's provisional validity was due to the knowledge of the two parties that all the necessary decisions should be made that "no school manual or auxiliary material from the next school year contains redundant / revisionist references, the Prespa Agreement clearly requires ".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stresses the need for several months to complete the textbooks and should therefore be timely implemented in order to implement them immediately after the entry into force of the Prespa Agreement to meet the timetable for which the two parties have committed.

From this point of view, it will become clear that the Interdisciplinary Expert Committee of Greece – Macedonia will work.

It should be noted that the Commission was formed in accordance with Article 8 of the Prespa Agreement and consists of fourteen members, with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Markos Bolari being the leader of the Greek Party.


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