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The pre-election leader of leaders – SKAI (



The voters' election campaign was canceled because there was no agreement at the inter-party committee meeting.

06/24/2019 – 12:30

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06/24/2019 – 13:02


The voters' election campaign was canceled as no agreement was reached on the date of its conclusion at the Intercommittee meeting.

According to the information initially proposed on June 27, a date that was rejected by the Communist Party due to an event in Patras.

Subsequently, the table fell on July 2, but tensions were made from ND due to a planned Kyriakos Mitsotakis tour in Magnesia. As for the 28th, the Movement of Change was denied, as Fofi Gennimata will tour West Greece.

As an emergency solution, SYRIZA suggested that telematics should occur following the return of the prime minister of the extraordinary EU summit on July 1, which would probably mean the start of the dibet at the dawn of July 2.

The possibility of telematics between only Alexis Tsipras and Kyriakos Mitsotakis reinstated, after the end of the meeting, the representative of SYRIZA Nassos Iliopoulos.

"We were open on all dates and we suggested in the SW, even at the last minute, the dates she wants, to agree to become a dibee, at least between the two," he said .

It should be recalled that the leaders' debates were initially scheduled for 1 July, but had to be transferred due to the summit, where Member States are invited to qualify as head of the European Commission congress and to discuss other EU offices. EU.

The next months will be replaced by Commission Presidents Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council Donald Tusk, European Central Bank Mario Draghi and European Parliament Antonio Tayanyi.

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