The police are also being inspected for reporting rape


Murder of Tamaludi: police officers also being inspected for rape

Shortly before the conclusion of the massive dossier on the rape and murder of Eleni Tofaloudi in Rhodes, the subjects of the judicial authorities are faced with the family environment of one of the two perpetrators, and more specifically Roditi, 21.

It is intended to reveal the person who appears to have attempted to erase the electronic banners on the defendant's cell phone by changing the SIM card while the 21-year-old was arrested by Portman men.

At the same time, regarding the 21-year student rape research and illegal video footage of the act in 2017, Real News reveals that the 21-year-old police officers who reported the incident are being examined. by the Department of Internal Affairs of EL.AS.

The three rape authors had called Eleni Tolapoudis's mother, asking that the case be fully elucidated. The unfortunate student's father blamed the authorities for the first time to try to cover up the events.

"I do not know if those people at the police station (Rhode Island) knew some people or situations or something else, but I think things would be different for my daughter," said Giannis Topaloudis.

According to information, the police officer Eleni Tofaloudi had reported his rape, video footage and the extortion suffered by the perpetrators allegedly told the victim: "If you find the video, bring it to us."

This is reported, according to the information, in his testimony.

"Instead of doing his job, he put Eleni in the police," says family lawyer and uncle of the murdered Evangelos Gkigis, 21.

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