Tuesday , September 21 2021

The new series of ERT1 “breaks” them

His new comedy series has become a favorite afternoon habit for viewers ERT1 “Greet my Platanos”.

Although less than a month has passed since the beginning of the show – on October 12th – a fanatical audience has already been formed that every afternoon at 8 pm follows developments with interest in the small mountain village of Platanos.

His success Petrou Filippidis and the select cast of actors, can be seen by the audience of the series, but also by the impact it has on social networks.

Check out this Instagram post.

Platanos? ____________________ #xairetamoutonplatano #thebest

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Yesterday, Monday, October 26, the new episode was watched on average by more than 400,000 viewers (10.3% view rate), while during the broadcast of the episode the hashtag #XairetaMou TonPlatano is one of the most popular in Twitter. The very positive response from the TV audience is reflected in the comments posted on Twitter and Facebook.

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