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In the case of Meton Innovatence, modern business was inspired by classical Greece. The start-up created by two Greek engineers and aviation engineers took the name of the ancient Greek engineer Meta.

But the old Greek secretariat was called Enorasys, the device that allows pilots and captains to see even when the time or the time of day do not allow it.

"We think of meeting a need. There is a flexible, low-cost system that allows general aviation pilots and recreational users to navigate safely," says Stavros Tsantzalis, the company's co-founder at the Athens- Macedonia.

He is an amateur pilot. "The Miraz that crashed a year ago in Skyros fell because it had low cloudiness, and so did two other cases with Navy helicopters." Such insight systems exist, but the cost is prohibitive. On the contrary, Enorasys is simple in its logic. "Imagine an action camera that fits your boat. Our system uses cell-phone applications and only needs a battery and functional wireless data link to operate it," he explains.

The creators of Enorasys have received many positive comments at international exhibitions showing the device. While the cost of other devices of this type starts at 30,000 euros, the two ingenious engineers have managed to build a device in only one tenth. What they are looking for now is the funding from an investor as well as the "rehearsal" of Portsmouth's ships, which as such have no such devices because of the prohibitive costs to test the device under very difficult conditions.



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