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In the great moments of Freddy Mercury's life, he focuses on the cinematic biography "Bohemian Rhapsody", with Rami Malek playing the charismatic leader of the Queen. Beautiful stories, little stories, stories that have built the character "Freddy" stay out. Some of them feature Vanity Fair.

One of those who now belong to the realm of legend is the night Freddy passed Pringesh. In his book The Power of Positive Drinking, actor Klio Rokos writes that Freddy and Diana, along with her and comedian Kenny Everest, are strolling for a day, drinking champagne, Freddie, Kenny and Rokos making plans for the evening, and Di insisted on going with them. "It was scandalous," writes Rokos. They tried to break him, but Freddy told the other two, "Let's let the girl have fun." They ended up in a gay bar in South London, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Upon entering, they believed that everyone would watch Princess Diana, but the world was "extinct" from their field of vision. The one that caught the eye was Freddy!

Freddie did not exchange a lot of conversation with other artists, but he made an exception with Sid Pissy's bassist Sid Vissi. In 1997, Queen and Sex Pistols were found at Wessex Sound Studios in North London. The first to record "News of the World," the second for "Never Mind the Bolloks, Here's the Sex Pistols". The bishops did not want to "cohabit" with some who were on the other side of punk. According to a former interview with Bryan Mei, the Vicians took the first step: "You're Freddy Mercury, are not you? You bring ballet to the masses."

Freddy, in an interview he gave in the 1980s, said he raised the glove: "I called him Simon Ferocious or something, and he did not like it at all." I said, "and what are you going to do about it?" he continued, mocking the scratches on Sid Vissi's body. "He just hated the way I said it. I think we survived this test, "said Freddy.

In 1983, Freddy and Michael Jackson, just released from the Thriller release, created a duet album. They had already written three and made a demo, but the union of the rising pop king with the queen was shipwrecked. The reason? "That Jackson brought his razor to the studio, and he did not like Freddie much," says the former manager of Queen Jim Bits, noting that he received a call from Freddy who told him, "Can you come here? Get me out of here, I record with a blade. " And Jackson had his complaints: he failed to overcome Freddy's alleged blow with Coca-Cola and one day they were injured because Freddy got coca in Michael's salon, says Bill.

These stories and the like are not seen in Bohemian Rhapsody …

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