The disastrous relationship of Eastern Attica


A woman. Three men holding taverns and bars on the same street. Successive relationships with all of them, love, marriages, children, separations, money, jealousy, poverty, hate, passions, barks, bullets, attempted murder … The above words could comfortably compose the scenes of a cheap novel spectators defeating every concept of love, every form of respect, every trace of reason. Watch her crushing mascara and poking any stress. And then, asleep, when you wake up, see the same "star" novel in the headlines and think that you will finally be very lucky in the "misery" of your regularity …

Once in Mati …

Almost three decades ago. A teenager, X., wanders every day in Mati and, specifically, in the port where the father directs the naval group of the region. The little girl is beautiful, she knows a little more than she should, she says much more than she can. She has dreams of life, not the trivial of girls her age, she own more brightness, she can not stand the difficulty of any difficulties. Fate, as if listening to it, closes your consultation with your first great love. GK, a well-known shopkeeper in the area that maintains a fish tavern on the famous Poseidonos Avenue, has it all: great work, money and, as locals say, "a heart of gold." The two marry, win two children, the 27th birthday today and the 25th birthday, X has everything "nothing has ever been forgotten by G." The years go by, and so many minor threats to relationships, no one expects what will happen a few years later: "It was almost ten years before X left G. for another man in the UK. The funny and at the same time tragic case is that B also maintained a tavern on the same street, fifty meters away from G. and both were very friendly, "says one resident of the area and continues:" Then there was a very large spoon area.Mati is a spicy place in all the places that were learned, everyone was talking about it.In the meantime, the mouths were closed, X. married to B., he had her as queen with her baths, her travels and whatever her soul wanted. a good man, B., with "lamb" like him in our parts, and he comes from a well-known and great family of the region.Your store was a gold mine for many years.Together, they have two children who are now with 7 and 5 years old, a girl and a boy, respectively, and they all looked like I saw The problems in their relationship began about three years ago. The store went from bad to worse, debts were accumulating, X had taken a very large compensation of his father's death in a car, but when you can not manage his new life, you eat fast. Somewhere began the nuisance. And somewhere down there, X made them with a 10-year-old man who was holding a bar 5 meters from tavern B. At that time, in addition to debts, some … suspicious claims they put a definitive lock on the store B. What X achieved was beyond logic. He married, separated, married again, met and began another relationship on the same street, where all three men of his successive appointments had their shops. His attitude was to cry as his last choice. "

New love, with debts and lots of "mogia"

X. abandons B. choosing to follow his heart, which "firmly" for the tenants of Poseidonos Avenue. His two young children are left behind with his father, who makes them increasingly difficult to support his brother T. and some good friends: "The man fell into depression for the first time, but then realized that he needed about him because of his children.As far as I know, he went out for a while abroad to find a job, did not do much, went back, then the devastating fire that burned all of us burst, the hope of retreat was lost. many a thousand euros.It is very difficult, "says a face of Mati and continues:" X. was now circulating everywhere with his new love P. A 37-year-old Zakynthian who abhors strangers and poets with Georgios Papadopoulos "There, he also raises speculations about the … myth of the Polytechnic, as well as photographs of Zak Kostopoulos with the inscription:" You thief you make me a murderer. "This guy had hired a bar on Poseidonos Avenue, which belongs to a relative of a great Greek singer. The owner of this bar was in danger with him. At first, she gave him some money for the rent, then left to pay her, everything before the fires. She told her, "I have not, let me be quiet." When, after the fires, he finally managed to evict him, he refused to hand over the keys, the woman had to pay and 1000 euros from his pocket for her
the eviction process, so he can go back to her store! The tragicomedy of the case was, after the fires, when he was acting as a fire attendant, he gave an interview accusing the owner of asking for money, even if he had turned the store into … hot spot. "
In this interview, "Anxiety Screaming for Entrepreneurs in Mati", there was even his partner X, who in a bold style said: "I have been an entrepreneur for many years.We stay here with my children.Where are the licenses? Why is there separation and compensation? only of those who burned? "" Why do not we get the damages and we live here and we're going through all that? "" We're losing money with our deal that was closed. "His wife's deal was closed before the fires. What are we going to do? We take the guns and we go out into the streets? "

With a gun in the streets

Saturday afternoon, April 13, 2019. X. enters his shop in the size of husband B. "very drunk", as people in the area say. He, sitting at a table with his brother, asks for a table hung on the wall with the phrase: "My God, this painting is mine." B. Unplug the tray and drop it into the hole. The painting breaks along with other things, voices flood the place, some neighbors say to B. "We've been telling you to go to the police or to a lawyer for a long time," X. I actually make a call to P At the same time her brother informs X-year-old son of 25 years, the child is running in the store, what she can do is very little. A few minutes later P. parked the car outside B.'s shop and squeezed the trigger of a gun. The weapon hangs, P. leaves, climbs the road to Cyprus, withdraws the ball and then returns to the scene of the crime. This time, in and out of the car, he throws five balls next to B. One of them hits him in the leg. P. disappears.

"Soon after, the police arrested X, which, as usual, was out of the way," says one local resident and continues: "We later learned that the cops could not do this well.He hit them, scratched them in the face, when they arrived at the section kicking tables and chairs.Now, beyond the category of homicide, it is also a matter of incapacity and resistance to the principle.Chapter.This woman had everything and voluntarily lost everything … "

On the other side and the side of Ch. 47, who was released under the restrictive terms of leaving the country and appear twice a month at the police station in his area, his relatives are standing up arguing that things are not like them are presented. As X. ate a lot of wood from his wife, she has "deposited" a lot of money and countless personal jobs in the tavern and as this has nothing to do with what is imputed to her. In relation to the 37-year-old, on the afternoon of last Tuesday, accompanied by his lawyer, he surrendered to the security of northeast Attica with his steps to pull the court.


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