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Comfortable leadership in New Democracy over SYRIZA provides in view of European Elections the European Parliament, taking into account the results of three public opinion polls from March 27 to April 7, although surprising is the fact that Popular Unity appears to be gaining seats in the European Parliament, surpassing the 3% threshold.

In particular, based on the average of the three surveys by Alco, MRB and Marc, the New Democracy appears to be 34.6% compared to 23.8% of SYRIZA, followed by the Change Movement at 7.5%, the Aurora 7.9%, KKE with 6.2%, Folklore with 3.2%, Union of Centers with 2.2%, Hellenic Solution with 2.1%, Green Ecologists and Potami with 1.7% and Greeks at 1.2%. Other parties accumulate 8.3% cumulatively.

These percentages are translated into 9 seats for New Democracy in Parliament, with SYRIZA to elect 6 MEPs, the Movement of Change and the Golden Dawn of 2, and the KKE and Popular Unity of one.

With regard to the overall forecast for European Elections Of the 28 EU countries, the European People's Party seems to be ahead of 180 seats out of a total of 751 in the European Parliament, losing 37 seats compared to the current membership of the European Parliament, while Social Democrats also dropped from 186 to 149. seats.


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