The battles are in the southern suburbs of Tripoli


Battles raged on Saturday ahead of Tripoli following the announcement of troops loyal to the National Unity government (KKE) who are launching a counter-attack against the self-proclaimed Army of the Libyan National Army (LSA) of Marshal Halifa Hafatar who started a large scale on April 4. to capture the capital of Libya.

In the suburbs south of Tripoli, the situation on the fronts remained largely unchanged for days. After the advance of the LSE was suspended, "we have begun the attack phase," said Mustafa al-Mejji, a spokesman for SSC loyalties at the French agency.

"It was ordered early in the morning to progress and gain ground," he added.

The counter-attack was recorded the day after the White House announcement that a conversation took place on Monday between US President Donald Trump and Hafatar, the powerful man from eastern Libya, during which the two discussed his "vision the transition from Libya to a democratic and stable political system "and the need to restore" peace and stability in Libya ". During the US presidency, Trab "recognized the important role of Marshal Hafatar in the fight against terrorism" and also to protect "Libyan oil resources."

"We have won the political battle and convinced the people that the armed forces are fighting terrorism," said spokesman Ahmad al-Mashmari.

According to the LRA spokesman, "fierce fighting" occurs on many fronts, and "the enemy has been reinforced with al-Qaeda and the terrorists of the Islamic State and foreign mercenaries."

Air attacks

The LRA spokesman, however, did not admit the loss of some posts, especially for Ain Zara.

Reporters from the French Agency have registered an advance of the forces that fight for the SPE in this region, with the fronts moving several kilometers towards the south.

Battles fought in the afternoon on the new front line. There was a heavy fire of light weapons, machine guns, antiaircraft pistols, rocket launchers throughout the day. The sounds of explosions and hostilities were felt in many neighborhoods of the capital.

The Tripoli Defense Force, an alliance of paramilitary organizations claiming loyalty to the KEE, backed by an "anti-terrorist" force from the city of Misrati, also emerged in Wadi Rumbi, thanks to "heavy artillery and middle ear shots early in the morning ". "He told the agent of the French agency of this force in the field.

There were also seven air crashes against the LES positions, mainly south of Garian, a community about 100 kilometers southwest of Tripoli, and against the al-Woja air base some 50 kilometers away, voice of the forces alleging loyalty to the SPE, Colonel Mohammad Gnounou.

Welcoming the "advance" of its forces, the internationally acclaimed prime minister Fajez Sarazj urged her to announce her observance of international humanitarian law.

For his part, LES assured that he "took control of many new posts in front of the battlefield in Tripoli." "Our forces are on the rise, while the CCP's paramilitary forces are retreating to all fronts," he said via Facebook.

Impasse at the United Nations

Since the beginning of the attack by Hafat's forces on 4 April, at least 220 people were killed in the fighting, 1,066 others were injured and more than 30,000 were displaced, according to the most recent figures released by the UN, which expressed fears of "ignition generic "in Libya, where the situation remains chaotic following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011.

UN Special Envoy for Libya Gasan Salame said in an interview last week to the French Agency that Hafat's attack was facilitated, if not "encouraged", by the divisions of the international community.

The impasse was absolute last week at the Security Council, where the United Kingdom, with the support of Germany and France, attempted to adopt a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and condemning the LSE attack.

But the United States and Russia – which is rare – followed the same line and did not approve the draft UN Security Council Communication, at the risk of reducing its ability to influence developments.


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