The Battle for the Throne of the Archbishop of America


The Battle for the Throne of the Archbishop of America

Much work emerged for the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople after the resignation of Archbishop Demetrius of America and the need to fill the throne of the archdiocese in Australia.

Many are the "suitors" for this office, as it seems that the patriarch Bartholomew has already decided.

According to information, the Archbishop of America is the Metropolitan of the Bosphorus and Abbot of the Theological School of Halki, Elpidophoros.

He is also the bishop of France Emmanuel, who has the necessary qualifications, but also the Metropolitan of Cleopas, who lived in Boston, the Dardanelos Nikitas who lived in Florida, the Metropolitan of Chicago, Mr. Nathanael, as well as Bishop Christopoleos, Blessed . In addition, for the claim of the throne, the name of Boston Metropolitan Methodist was also heard, but he is not expected to be a candidate.

Archbishop Demetrios, who is being fired but voluntarily removed because of the major financial scandal in fund management for the construction of Saint Nicolas Church at Ground Zero in New York, appears to have called for a slight extension of three weeks. until June 1 to "close pending", who is looking forward because he had six whole months to manage these outstanding problems.

Two more questions will be raised during the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The first concerns the question of the Archbishopric of Australia, for it must be decided whether it will remain one and will be divided more specifically into the Archbishopric of Sydney, the Metropolis of Melbourne, Victoria and Adelaide. In the first case, the Metropolitan of France, Emmanuel, is the throne. For the Archbishopric of Sydney, Emmanuel is again the first candidate.

The second question concerns the succession of the British Archbishopric after the resignation of Archbishop Gregoriou. Bartholomew is also examining the division into two parts: the Archbishopric of Great Britain, the Metropolitan of Dardanelles, Nikitas, and the Scottish Archbishopric-Wales-Ireland, with Metropolitan of Laodicea, Theodore.

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