Friday , October 22 2021

The ATM dropped and distributed notes


Suddenly, the bitcoin trading machine began to make 20-pound notes

Speakers left a pass at a London subway station when a Bitcoin trading machine started the 20 pound uncontrollable bills!

The video shows security guards trying to prevent passers-by accessing notes while at the same time a clumsy passer-by puts an open bag in front of the machine and collects notes.

In fact, he seems to push his bag, the bag to the machine discreetly, to collect as much money as possible, while the guards do not notice the pile of notes.

The passers-by stand up and look at the money coming out of the machine.

The owners of the Polish ATM company claimed that this was due to a very large takeover by a customer.

Adam Gramvowsky, owner and CEO of Bitcoin Technologis, said "our machines support large transactions, but perhaps they need a new design so they can support even bigger ones."

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