"The answer to who will govern this country will be given by the people and only by the people"


The main dilemmas of the elections in Greece and Europe were raised by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Kalamata, where he started the election campaign.

Speaking at the city's closed gymnasium, with the basic slogan "We Join Forces for Greece of Many, for People's Europe" on a red background behind the pitch, Tsipras seemed confident of victory in the May 26 elections and supported citizens will be invited to choose:

  • Layoffs or welfare state staff.
  • Taxation of the wealth promised by ND or the relief of the burden for many
  • The Pinochet insurance they named themselves or a fair and sustainable public insurance system
  • The collapse of wages and deregulation of labor or wage increases and the protection of labor
  • The gifts of the oligarchy or the strategic plan of development and a new productive model for the country
  • That is, Greece of the elites or Greece of many. The ND program is the clearest illustration of the hardest and most vindictive neoliberalism.

He attacked Kyriakos Mitsotakis stating that he represents the elite as "he is one of them … a man made of fireplaces, buried for the fireplaces and for the oligarchy," and deconstructed his communicative and pre-electoral tactics: "when he attempts to represent When he met with the distributors, a few days after we had legislated a new framework of job security and protection for these people, what did Mitsotakis tell us? "He met 20 dealers and allegedly asked when Tsipras would leave.When he met with the artists and creators we supported from the outset and made a great effort for his just demands on the protection of intellectual creation, what did Mitsotakis do? He made them a pre-election point. .. When he met a planner of the Plan, he allegedly spoke to him against the government, as ND informed us.Making again, the man went out to say that he never This is what I said. This mistrust of Mr. Mitsotakis is revealing. "

Attack on Marinaki

He continued the political attack referring to the news and replied to Vangelis Marinakis, whom he described as "natural leader of ND": "I also heard today the friend and financier of Mr. Mitsotakis, the longtime suitor and pursuer Marinakis take over the functions of a leader in his name.ND He questioned his credibility by saying that he is as tall as the football games for which he is sued for a crime grade.And I saw the ND running to adopt the line of his natural leader ". The representatives of the old regime, he continued, "curse, threaten gods and demons, because they are desperate because they think that neither the polls nor the publicists vote in the elections." In the election, Tsipras said many voted and expressed the certainty that they would definitely lead them to the sidelines and "many of them at the fair hearing." And because they know it well, they become even more vulgar and more aggressive. "

It has been extended to the Novartis scandal by saying that respondents react to the revelations without adhering to the pretexts: "They no longer need to be innocent.This has been lost and forgotten.but they tell us that whatever has happened is time-barred. Because the author, they say, is part of the duties of a minister. This very political anesthesia and cynicism is at the core of the morality of the old regime in the country. " Their responsibilities will be solved by slow justice, but "we tell them that nothing and no crime and political responsibility that drove Greece to the brink of destruction are gone."

The Battle of Europe

The battle in Greece is part of a much larger battle in Europe, the prime minister said and explained. We have the Europe of the many against the elite of Europe. "He argued that in the conservative camp now the right-wing party is making the attack on EP candidate and EPP candidate Manfred Weber, saying that" once liberal Mr Mitsotakis is now one of the most ardent advocates of rapprochement with the far right and of course with the man who symbolizes this project Mr. Weber A genuine supporter of GREXIT, who built his political career in Europe's crisis, ysies and choices of Greek people. To enjoy it. "

All except lacedemonia

Mr. Tsipras described the situation he received in 2015 with 4 million people below the poverty line, with 1.5 million unemployed, with 65 billion austerity measures with empty funds, with a loss of 25% its GDP. . "This country was left behind by Messrs. Samaras and Venizelos, who had prepared the plan of the left supports." He made his own achievements that "we revitalize the economy, we finally close the cycle of the deficit, deliver a definitive solution of sustainable indebtedness, we return the economy to growth, we achieve a decade of foreign direct investment." Tsipras added: "We are committed to the crisis in September 2015, but we will leave the crisis with society and we will succeed, accusing the media of hiding government work."

He noted that now Greece has no more memos, the IMF has expelled, and this "is a collective achievement and collective property of the Greek people." However, he left Kyriakos Mitsotakis, saying that "some fought hard to avoid." Mitsotakis fought hard to avoid the great political change of August 2018. The day did not come when Greece would be without memorandums. "One of them was the budget cutter, one was the fourth memo, one was the cut in pensions."

But he did not leave Antonis Samaras out of his sight, saying that "his co-worker, Mr. Samaras, did not fail to make stratagems and recruitments like the Acropolis Museum, but neglected his place because he was busy arranging the parenthesis on the left" . and the country's financial suffocation. We did not see it in Messinia, nor anywhere in Greece. We see citizens with needs that do not ask for gifts and services, but the obvious. "

He expressed his confidence in the new generation and added that some still can not digest that he became prime minister in his 40s and still calls him squire and president of 15 members.

The answer will be given by the people, not by the oligarchy

As of today, Tsipras said that "today's event is greater than 2014" and ironically thanked his rivals for persecuting citizens and making the Progressive Alliance a majority in every corner of the country. Before joining the walk he walked among the people who waited patiently for over an hour, he received several, while responding to the slogan "you are and you will be the prime minister" said "the answer to this question will be given by the people to the instead of propagandists. " of the oligarchy's media. "Mr. Tsipras developed a dialogue in several places with the assembled people, while he took off his jacket because" the temperature had risen from the audience. "The disappointments he disagreed with were when he spoke with Antonis Samaras while he was shocked when he said that along with his other co-chairman, the President of the Republic, he would launch the regional road project, the event was closed under the sounds of Bella Chao and Mr. Tsipras coming back to express the certainty of victory.

The candidate for regional governor

The event was opened by the regional governor candidate, supported by SYRIZA, who said that in the new reality society is emerging and added that it is not time to rest to avoid regression. The battle to be given is for development and democracy. The new reality requires partnerships of all progressive and democratic forces that will come without individual aspirations and ignore the political cost when they have to make decisions about the place.


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