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The 5 murderers who “paralyzed” the show “Light in the Tunnel” – The chronicle of the shocking cases [βίντεο] | STORIES

Angeliki Nikolouli’s program, “Light in the Tunnel”, managed to resolve a series of disappearances and murders.

The most shocking cases, however, are those where the killers appeared on Angeliki Nikolouli’s show, pretending to be looking for her man. Among the dozens of cases presented in “Luz no Túnel”, five are unforgettable for the viewer.

The following are the 5 cases in which the killers appeared on the set of Angeliki Nikolouli:

1) Back Case Polyzos

One of the biggest “shows” ever presented on the “Light in the Tunnel” program concerns the murder of young Costas Polyzos. His mother (Despina Koutsegou) and father-in-law (Christos Dios) for five years would have looked desperately for young Kostas.

Costas Polyzos, as it turned out, was murdered after an argument with his father. Then, his mother and father buried him, while, according to the case file, they carefully cleaned the house, with cleaning staff, as well as the vehicle with which they transported his body. The body was found by a hunter in September 2011, in an inaccessible location, near Siatista.

A few weeks before the horrible revelations, Kucegu continued to “play” with the show’s viewers. According to “Light in the Tunnel” contributors, what mattered was where they got confidential information from, and not so much the fate of their son.

There are many contradictions in Koutsegu’s interviews. In addition, the killer’s attempt to blame other relatives was seen. An important aspect of the tragic story is that the mother and father burdened the young man with debt. In a report from the “Espresso” period, it was stressed that they had taken out a loan of 250,000 euros and other transactions, encumbering Kostas with debts in excess of 1 million euros.

The perpetrators were found guilty at first instance in November 2016. Watch excerpts from the “Light in the Tunnel” program:

2) The murder of Kiki, 20 years old

Another notable case concerns the murder of Kiki Kousoglou, 20, by her partner, Danos Mouratidis, 23. The perpetrator appeared regularly on the “Light in the Tunnel” program, claiming that the 20-year-old left him in April 2005 to find a … better life. Mouratidis reportedly participated in the search to find her and appealed to the world for help.

Angeliki Nikolouli, however, was never convinced by his arguments. He later said, “I realized when I saw him in front of me that something was going on. He seemed to be guilty.” The show “Luz no Túnel” gathered material that showed the guilt and theater of the young perpetrator.
Mouratidis finally confessed. It turns out that he strangled Kiki while she slept. Danos Mouratidis, 23, was sentenced to life in prison, while his cousin, who helped to bury him, was sentenced to four years in prison.

3) The case of Achilles Tries

On December 8, 2001, Volos ‘leather trader Achilleas Tentas, 58, was murdered in his own home in Almyros by his wife Nikolaos Kotoulas’ lover – who died in a car accident a few days ago.

According to “Light in the Tunnel”, he and Maria Tenta then disappeared the corpse in a well in the area, while their car was left at the port of Volos, to show that Tentas went on a trip. For her elderly mother-in-law who lived in the same house, she had launched a hypnotic so that she would understand nothing. The wife reported her disappearance to the police and played anxiously with her two children, relatives and friends. But not in the “Tunnel”.

At first, he stubbornly refused to do a research program. But when her children four months later saw that there was no trace of her father’s life, they pressured her to reach the show that represented her and her lover, fatally! He appeared on camera as the last witness to see the missing person. His agitation, agony and theatrical performance were immediately noticed by Angeliki Nikolouli.

The sound that was blocking her speech and was recorded on the camera, left her hand in the pocket that tore the handkerchief! Even before the show took place, the journalist was sure that his wife was responsible for Tenta’s disappearance. He gave the authorities the information that emerged during the program about the suspected illegal couple’s movements on the night of the murder. A witness noticed the debris from the well after the disappearance and spoke to the “Tunnel”.

A few hours after the revealing show ended, the police arrested the couple who, uncomfortable with the investigation, found themselves without precautions during the night. They confessed their horrible crime days later. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment at first instance. The same sentence was upheld by the Criminal Court of Appeal. In October 2010, Tenta appeared before the Mixed Court of Appeals of the Larissa Jury, which overturned her life sentence, accepting her attorney’s allegation of mere complicity in the murder of her husband and non-complicity, as was the original charge. She was sentenced to 21 years in prison. She has already served 3/5 of the sentence.

4) The diabolical widow

One of the most controversial cases in the country’s police and judicial chronicles was that of the “black widow” in Vale da Argólida. A woman who did more or less Police and Justice. She sued the senior officers because, as she said, she was pressured to confess to her husband’s murder. She tried to turn the audience at the Tripoli Court into a show starring her and her lawyers.

“Light in the Tunnel” and Angeliki Nikolouli, whose testimony was deemed crucial, suspected from the start that the widow’s tears for Thanasis were false and that the performance she set up in the show’s studio was purely theatrical.

The “black widow” appeared twice in the “Light in the Tunnel” studio to allegedly look for her husband, claiming that the only reason she lives is to see the arrest and punishment of her husband’s murderers. Nikolouli’s urgent questions finally forced the perpetrator to lose his words and “burn” his alibi. Lambrou, remember, said that at the time of her husband’s murder, she was working on some bracelets she had received in the mail.

It is recalled that the crime occurred on December 8, 2014. Thanasis Lambrou, then 42, received two bullets, in the chest and in the head. The wife’s murderer then set up a suicide scene, placing the revolver in the hand of her mortally wounded husband. Dimitra Lambrou, 38, was sentenced in first instance in December 2016 to life in prison for the murder of her husband, captain Thanasis Lambrou.

5) The wife Tabakidi

One of the cases that shocked and was investigated during the express schedule of the two programs was the disappearance of businessman Theodoros Tampakidis, who turned out to be a wild and well-established crime.

Actor and mentor of the Satanic plan, his wife with whom he was at odds. On the night of Tuesday, April 29, 2009, the woman shot him with a carbine at his home in Peristera, close to the breath of his two youngest children. Her sickly jealousy blinded her and she did not hesitate to use her own children as false witnesses to cover up her heinous crime.

In fact, the woman defined the entire scene of the disappearance. She abandoned her father-in-law’s black BMW, driven that night by Theodoros Tampakidis, leaving the keys in the starter and stole her own car, a black Mercedes found by viewers during the show. And all this to prevent the ex-husband from taking a trip with the woman he had recently chosen as his mate.

Angeliki Nikolouli spoke after pressure with the “demon woman”, as described by all those who knew her and revealed the theater she represented in her family and friends during all this time.
She said she was talking to her missing husband and would be back soon. She did not hesitate to make her boyfriend call his tragic parents Teodoro and convince them that he lived and was abroad.
With his testimony in the “Tunnel”, the “key” man, her old friend, was arrested, who helped her to bury the body in a forested area of ​​Halkidiki and cover up the horrible crime. He himself confessed to what had happened and led the police to the cemetery.
At the time of her arrest, she had an appointment with Angeliki Nikolouli, who helped the police approach her after she was locked up in her sister’s house and did not open it to anyone.
The woman – “spider” was sentenced in the first instance to 19 years in prison and her friend and accomplice to 18 months in prison with a three-year suspension.

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