The 17-year-old driver who "ripped" the ethers in Crete


The 17-year-old

At the time of the March 25 parade in Hersonissos, an aircraft was tearing the ethers. What few imagine is that the 17-year-old Maria Giatraki of Crete was on the DA-40 (diamond) plane in the cockpit! This is not the first time for the daring girl who started work on March 25, 2016, and she was in Cesena, who flew over the parade in Hersonissos, Gouves and Episkopi under the proud gaze of her parents and Cretans.

And this time the 3rd grade student of the School of Music with national pride wanted to send her own message to the Greeks. The change is on the initiative of the Public Benefits Company of Hersonissos.

"Greeks with their heads up!"

As Maria Giatraki said, speaking in, "he came back and I wanted to relive and honor the victims of March 25, since I graduated this year, I wanted to be the last greeting." I am excited and I feel joy and pride. that I want to send to the Greeks is the head held high, optimism, and those who fought had courage. We have to set goals and have dreams. "

The next plans of the 17-year-old are to continue after school to continue and professionally fly aircraft, but also to compete in the Pan Hellenic with the goal of studying music.


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