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Tax declarations: who are the richest and poorest countries of the country (photo)

An average of less than € 9,000 per year is reported by taxpayers in 14 countries, some of which are top tourist destinations.

At the same time, these residents appear based on the tax returns they filed last year to pay half of the tax compared to what the average Greek taxpayer pays. They are citizens who live in areas that appear in the tax office at least as "poor" as regards declared income and taxes paid, including the prefectures of Ilia, Aitoloakarnania, Kastoria, Evrytania, Pella Rodopi, Zakynthos, Pieria, Laconia, Xanthi, Serres, Kefallinia, Thesprotia and Imathia.

The most "bad"

For the Tax Office, the "bad" Greeks of the Greeks are considered the inhabitants of the Prefecture of Ilia. as well as the inhabitants of Aitoloakarnania, Kastoria, Evritania, Pella and Rodopi, which proved to have the lowest incomes of all prefectures in the country. In fact, in these prefectures there are proven areas with poor citizens. In Ilia, the average income they claimed last year was only 8,124 euros, despite the rich production they have, well below the national average of 11,556 in fiscal numbers of 6,370,099.

However, this issue also concerns other areas of the country that appear in the as poor, but its inhabitants live above average. In Larissa, for example where a few years ago had been in the vanguard of the actuality on this the fact that most Porshe Cayenne cars have been sold all over Europe, the average income recorded by 156,243 contributors is 10,650 euros and the average obtained by these taxpayers in 2018 (2017 income) was approximately 950 euros when across the Greece the average taxable income (real or imputed) stood at € 11,556 and the average amounted to € 1,307.

Higher yield

The highest yields are reported in the large arithmetic counties,such as Attica and Thessaloniki, while the contributors to Chios Prefecture are close where the inhabitants of this island represent the fourth highest average income compared to other prefectures or regional units of the country. And if we expect that the inhabitants ofCyclades would be quite high because the intense tourism they receive will be discouraged as they are below the average of all Greece after the declared average income amounted to 11,072 euros.

See the table with the richest and poorest countries in the country, based on the 2018 tax returns:

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