Suicide of 12 years after seeing the popular series of Netflix


A 12-year-old girl committed suicide after watching the Netflix drama series, leaving a list of six reasons why she had to take her life.

Little Jessica Scatterson told her mother she was watching the popular Netflix series, which involved a teenage girl who committed suicide, leaving a record of 13 reasons that led her to that decision.

Jessica's tragic mother, Rachael Warburton, 33, told Mirror that her daughter was seeing her friends on the show and wrote her own six reasons for wanting to die.

Working on Leigh's Social Work, he added, "The series should be banned. My daughter, who watches the show, told me she gives ideas for kids to get hurt. Parents should warn their kids and not let them see their turn ".

Jessica's friends called the police after a briefing from little fellow RIP. Police found their 12-year-old son in his bedroom in Warrington, Cheshire, hanged two days before his 13th birthday.


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