Smile at breakfast! Outside Kavatzikis – Line! "I can not take any more nonsense"


"Faye, you will be annoyed, do not try to justify unjustifiably" – "I was offended by it"

Hammock prevailed at breakfast after the statements of Stella Mizeraikis, who he said he would like to submit a central news bulletin. Aris Kavatzikis and Aphrodite Grammelis were furious at what they heard and the tons on the platform stood.

"To go out on a show and say that you want to be able to love the press release, I think there are miles.Faye, let's fight.TV has the same naivety as Mizerai.Because we live in the age of cheap and naivety, the same ingenuity that Mrs. Mizeraiki spits at us, with the same naivete we come across the channels.When opportunities are given to Stella Mizeraik to show and she leaves and says she will be doing the press release, I am ridiculous to sit and accept that I do this work.

Faye, you're going to bother me. Do not try to justify it unjustifiably. I have no humor about Stella Mizeraik when she says she wants to make a press release. You forgive me too much, do not tell us to say things we do not want. We will not face anything on this panel either. I will not handle it with humor, Faye disagrees with you. I can no longer accept other nonsense, "said Aris Kavatzikis.

"Stella Mizeraki can not make a newsletter. You could not have gone to the power of half naked love, you have 2 pounds of wool … Every girl can not get out of reality and say she will appear a newsletter. "I do not know what to do," said Aphrodite Grammela.

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