"She did not come to the funeral of Virtue!" – Shocking revelations from gay dad


"I'm going to keep talking about it and I'm going to struggle to find out what drove my daughter to death." They have to open their mouths and expose things so there are no other victims. family will make sure they are legally covered " account, in newsit.gr, the father of Areti Zacharopoulou, who was found dead, at his house in Egaleo on Saturday, March 23.

His family, from the first moment, claimed that Virtue is a victim of the Satanic Circles and continues to do so.

According to police sources, the girl allegedly put a bag on her head and then inhaled gas, probably sun, through a cable she had placed in a bottle, which probably drowned her.

Parent questions

The 22-year-old student's father feels "strange" because his daughter's best friend and her partner, yesterday and after the case she did with her husband, not identified by homicide, resulted in the referral of the case, the Egaleo to the Department of Crimes Against Life, have deleted their Facebook profiles.

In fact, for this movement of the girlfriend and companion of his girlfriend, the lawyer of the student's family and member of the New Democracy, Kostas Tzavaras, entered with a memorandum with the promoter.

Profiles that have disappeared from Facebook

His girlfriend Areti Zacharopoulou and his partner are about 30 years old. The woman comes from the Peloponnese, from an area near the place of origin of Virtue. The man, according to his profile on Facebook, comes from Trier, a German city and a foreign name. The profiles of both they contained many photos, which could be characterized by some satanic. Curious makeup, headless heads, inverted crosses in front, an "Xsuicide" under the name of a man.

Photo by anikolouli.gr

All of this can be random, maybe and not. Did these two people try to clear their tracks because of guilt or fear that they could frame them? The investigation of the case by the police must give the answers.

The "strange extinction" of her friend Areti

The "disappearance" of her friend Areti, who although in the early days of Areti's death spoke to the media about the 22-year-old woman, has been remarkable, and she has not answered the phone for two days.

His father's father came in contact with the person for the last time when he was looking for his daughter and she gave no sign of life. So she asked her girlfriend to come to her house to see what was happening. She went, slammed the door, cried, but Virtue did not answer. Through the house she heard Areti's cell phone and then realized something was not going well and alerted authorities. Police arrived at a locksmith and, shortly after, the tragic death of 22 years was revealed. Since then, the father has not been able to communicate again with this person, who does not answer the calls he receives on his cell phone.

"She did not call us to be congratulated, she did not even come to his funeral" says the student's father.

The 22-year note

In the note found in Areti's apartment, after her death, her father reported that the police had read by telephone. According to this note, Areti did not want to continue his life as outside. His father considers that everything written on him is not structured and does not agree with the way his daughter was expressing it.

In the days that followed, and after the Athens Trial Promoter accepted the student's family's reservations about the suicide version, the first witnesses, who are to shed light on this mysterious affair, will be summoned.

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