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Shalos: A Greek presenter grabbed her husband with her neighbor


He was in a hurry. She was screaming that she could not believe what she saw in her own home. They tried to calm her, but in vain.

Presenter she ERT was … balls with him too spouse president when she did "Squat" with Neighbor "hot" in your own home.

According to the newspaper Espresso, in front of the show, the impressive husband suffered hysteria and his cries reached the mountain of Penteli. The residents were expelled from their homes by hysterical voices it's the bruises she fragments of objects, but also by screaming of the adjacent lesion.

Horn in your house!

The two women were caught in the hands and, as a valid source in Espresso said, the mischievous wife did not dare enter between them. O news broadcaster private channel has his profile calm and cool and decided not to participate in the female conflict to avoid the worst.

The neighbors stayed long enough outside their homes, waiting with their hands in hand, ready to call Instant Action. Such regret was happening. No one expected two recognizable people, parents of two lovely children, to collapse so violently. Particularly for the low-profile journalist, they all fell from the clouds. Who would have expected to give his lovely wife a "horn"?


However, the woman deceived, angry and in a state shock, he did not want to end the subject by just fighting. He wanted to avenge, to hurt them. She was in a Apartment "Flat", shouting how you would stay lawsuit against them. This key phrase disturbed the illegal couple, because the adulteress also has husband and two children. With a flash of lightning, the erotic "scoundrel" got dressed and went to the police station in her area.

In front of the service officer, the lady of the television described everything she did and asked for legal proceedings to continue, while "Guilty" who had already arrived, listened to her crying The policeman tried to calm the two women and threw catalytic role in its decision "Keramini" presenter not to open a process finally, so they do not hang on the staples and their story becomes a shrub.

Full of divorce

Tired out and restored returned to the apartment and ordered the terrified presenter gather your belongings and abandon your common home. He did not deny it, but they did not lose "I love you", "it was a bad time", "do not destroy them all", but she did not hear anything. A few days later, the man, now residing elsewhere, assumed extraordinary of his wife, with what he was pushing him to get divorce proceedings, but no other requirements were known.

As everything seems to be the couple will get to courts and the details of the reasons for the separation will be very succulent.

Source: Journal Espresso

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