Scandal: Adonis-Loverd on Dynan's target – "Fiasco & Down" responds to the two deputies


Enormous political responsibilities, as well as other responsibilities to be investigated by Justice, explain the outcome of the SYRIZA deputies on the case of the sale of Henry Dunnan Hospital.

In fact, he concludes that the findings should be forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service for further investigation. As regards the names of ministers who, according to SYRIZA, have responsibilities, they are Andreas Loverdos, for which they claim that in his testimony he avoided answering honestly, and he Adonis Georgiades.

Georgiades: To the trash the completion of the Health Examination, like all SYRIZA

"The conclusion of the majority of the government is for garbage like all SYRIZA. They are common fraudsters," said the former Health Minister and Vice President of New Democracy, Adonis Georgiadis, commenting on the result of the majority of the government in the health examination .

"As I had predicted since last week, when there were relevant reports of extrajudicial investigations, this Examination can not lead to any pre-criticism against any minister." What do I say? "They will make a discovery, they will say general responsibilities, Justice will look for you, they did for Henry Dynan. I say you do not believe them, they are common fraudsters, "Georgiadis said, adding,

"In essence, Henry Dynan was sold to Piraeus Bank for 115 million euros, and he had 230 million euros in debt, the Greek government received 40 million, which exactly owed to workers who have not been paid for three years, they have all his money.The debts have been released to the rest of the individuals and now the Greek government is trying through the Onassis Foundation, since the Prime Minister said he would buy Henry Dynan with about 70 million euros. "

"I am in favor of the success we had of the President of the Republic to invite us to give us a prize for the successful sale of Henry Dynan. As for SYRIZA, it is rubbish, as is SYRIZA," concluded Mr Georgiadis.

Loverdos: Fiasco the findings of the health examination

"Fiasco" marks the outcome of the majority of the Health Examination Commission, DISY's parliamentary representative and former Health Minister Andreas Loverdos.

"The lack of specific references, this fiasco, also proves the extent of political machinations," Loverdos said in a statement, and continues:

"I confirm in what I said from the outset that this government and this majority have reached the end of political downsizing and extortion."

Motion Movement: Vacuum in the Void – They Hide Their Responsibilities

In a statement, Ms. Evhi Christofilopoulou, a member of the Health Examination Commission and a member of KINAL, emphasized: "She has been a guest and a member. Continued leaks in the press about the supposedly political scandal of" Henry Dunnan "have fallen in this gap. "

Evi Christofilopoulos points out that "his only objective was to create a climate of scandal and political impressions on the supposedly political responsibilities of the people." The current majority of "Henry Dunnan" confirms this. It is so bizarre the lack of arguments that leads to generic references, without even describing criminal offenses. And how to describe something that does not exist? "

As MP KINAL points out, "it is demonstrated that SYRIZA-RING has set up its health examination with the sole aim of disarming political opponents and cultivating polarization and division, which is their favorite political method."

For Evi Christofilopoulou to conclude: "There is also an unmistakable but obvious purpose: take responsibility for yourself and your basic ally, the Karamanian right, which explains why they are not talking about the real scandal, the unexpected waste and the expansion of pharmaceutical spending in the right-wing period in 2005-2009, but also on their own responsibilities, be it illegal recruitment or non-pricing of medicines. "

Members of the main opposition They are talking about a fiasco. since, as they say, despite the leaks of the previous days, in the case of Henry Dynan, the examination does not show in its conclusion the need to create an interrogation committee.

As stated in the conclusions of this part of the conclusion:

"The Committee of Inquiry considers that, in the light of what Loverdos has presented to it, further investigation by the competent judicial and judicial authorities is necessary to determine whether acts or omissions have been committed since it is clear from the foregoing that during its oath at the meeting on 7/18/2017, avoided answering honestly the question of how this amendment was drafted by Mr Martini and Mr Stergiou, President and Vice-President respectively of the Board of Directors of KIEN, was drawn up in March 2012 by its legal adviser Dimitrios Balassopoulos, when it was voted.

2. The Committee of Inquiry considers that, with regard to the 4-7-2012 contract for the submission of a fictitious undertaking on all ERRICOS DYNAN Hospital equipment, further investigation is required by the competent judicial and judicial authorities to determine whether to be committed for acts or omissions, since this contract was extremely abusive and unnecessary, taking into account the fact that the total debt of KIEN. against "CYPRUS POPULAR PUBLIC BANK CO LTD" was fully insured from 2006 and 2007, with pre-mortgages and with the pledge and assignment of ΚΙΕ créditos credits. against the State and the insurance funds.

The Committee of Inquiry takes the view that, with regard to the acceptance of Mr Georgiadis and the members of the Management Board. of KIEN. of the Memorandum of March 26, 2014 and signed by him (A. Georgiades) and the President and Vice-President of KIEN. G. Kostaras and A. Panethimitakis require a further investigation by the competent judicial and judicial authorities to ascertain whether they were committed for acts or omissions, since (in addition to diverting the Foundation's legislative protection grid and public service) and in addition to the circumvention of the last provision of the Court of Appeal of Athens No. 232 / 18-2-2014, which prohibited any disposal of the assets of HES) with the obligatory performance in relation to all its KIEN property and its sale (forced) through the auction of 24-9-1414, it was compensated (property and in particular for public benefit) with deliberate acts and omissions of persons, who had a legal duty to care for and protect it ".

New Democracy Reaction to Syrian Discoveries:

"Sludge Operation" features Nea Demokratia sources the mission to Justice of the SYRIZA for the sale of Henry Dunnan. "And the mere fact that the examination did not lead to a preliminary investigation means that there were no indications in any way that would indicate charges against ministers," the sources said. At the same time, in Piraeus, they speak of a "logical series" on the part of the majority of the government, that is, they gradually step up and make a reality of each case, which is interpreted as an attempt to keep the mud in the news . "Lama, mud will stay," is the typical account of a senior opposition official, adding that "this is his target, but nothing will be left." Your mud will return to your royal scandals. "

The same sources in ND argue that in government they follow the well-known method of supposed investigators who do not end up anywhere because there is no evidence to support the fanciful accusations they make in their headlines and the media headlines they control. They also recall that Dynan sold 115 million while it owed 230 and all employees were paid. SYRIZA's attempt to sell this purchase now to zero with a debt of 75 million shows how wrong and destructive the government's policy is.

In detail, all results in the hands of the members of the Selection Committee are as follows:


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