"Safari" controls to combat tax evasion


In the "safari" check to combat tax evasion, AADE is being fulfilled. According to her business plan, she prepares thousands of tax and customs controls. In particular, 72 000 on-the-spot audits, 77 000 controls to combat smuggling and 25 000 additional audits by tax authorities and audit centers will be carried out.

At the same time, the adoption of new arrangements with a larger number of installments is being considered in order to facilitate taxpayers' partial payment of their arrears.

From the business plan of the ADF to 2019, the following, among others:

– In order to combat tax evasion, 25,000 tax audits will be carried out by tax administrations and audit centers to establish revenues of € 2.6 billion. At the same time, 620 specific inquiries will be carried out by the Audit and Public Expenditure Audit Services (EEEDD) and 72,000 additional on-site audits will be carried out to issue receipts.

– In the fight against smuggling, and in particular the products subject to excise duty, ie energy products, alcohol and tobacco, at least 34 000 checks will be carried out by the customs authorities. In addition, the emphasis will be placed on controlling counterfeit goods, where at least 3,000 prosecution checks will be conducted to limit trade and leakage of government revenues. In addition, in order to combat money laundering, a specific operational plan will be drawn up for the conduct of liquidity controls and at least 8,000 audits will be carried out. In addition, 12,000 prosecution checks will be conducted by customs in all other areas where smuggling occurs, such as in vehicle trading, parcel posting, passenger passes, etc.

More specifically, by category of audit body, the following are envisaged:

– At least 450 audits performed by the Large Business Control Center (KEMME)

– At least 850 audit cases (with at least 1,600 audited uses) by the Large Tax Control Center (KEFOMEP)

– Carry out at least 15,300 audits by the tax authorities.


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