Registration: When does the submission of statements expire in each area? Greece


"Will my area be prolonged?" Perhaps this is the most frequent question of citizens for the people of the "Hellenic Cadastro".

The different start date of multiple sites at once and the successive extensions given give rise to a small time-frame puzzle. In fact, of course, statements can be made smoothly after the deadline, at least until the posting phase.

So let's see how the picture was shaped. The deadlines are the original, the first term, the first extension or the second extension, which is the last of the law.

• On 20 May, the collection of declarations in the regional units of Kalymnos-Karpathos-Ko-Rhodes will expire (2nd extension).

• On May 24, the collection of declarations in the regional units of Laconia (1st extension) and Agrinio (1st extension) will expire.

• The collection of statements on the regional sections of Heraklion (1st extension), Messinia (initial term) expires on 27 May.

• On May 28, the collection of statements at the Regional Units of Viotia-Fokida expires (initial term).

• On May 30, the collection of statements in the regional units of Drama-Xanthi (1st extension), Chalkidiki (1st extension), Kastoria-Florina (1st extension), Samou-Chios-Ikaria (1st extension) will expire.

• On June 7, the collection of statements in the regional sections of Achaia (1st extension) and Evia (1st extension) will expire.

• On June 10, collection of statements in the provinces of Arta-Preveza-Lefkada (2nd extension), Ioannina (2nd extension), Aitoloakarnania (2nd extension), Rodopi-Thassos (2nd extension), Larissa (2nd extension), Thessaloniki Extension), Grevena (2nd extension) and West Attica (2nd extension).

• On June 12, the collection of declarations in the regional units of Magnesia (initial term), Ilia (1st extension), will expire.

• On June 18, collection of statements expires in the regional departments of Pieria (2nd extension), Evritania-Fthiotida (2nd extension), Arcadia (2nd extension), Argolida-Korinthia (2nd extension), Lassithi (2nd extension).

• The collection of statements in Aigio expires on July 8 (initial deadline).

The collection of statements has not yet begun:

• In the areas of Zakynthos-Kefalonia-Ithaca.

• In the areas of Western Attica and Attica.

• In the areas of Lemnos and Lesvos.

Finally, the rest of the regional unit of Heraklion, Rethymno, Chania, Thesprotia-Corfu and Cyclades should be assigned (litigation pending at the State Council).

It is worth mentioning that, on May 4, the registration data began in Serres, which were demolished in an earlier program.

And a note on the process: the areas where the declarations of property are being collected at the moment belong to the fourth generation of cadastre, that is, they are being cataloged for the first time. In regions that have been pre-registered, citizens obviously do not need to make a new declaration (if they do, the declaration will not be accepted electronically or at local offices). If the citizen does not remember to have made a declaration in the land register or if his site has been previously registered, he can look for information in the property registry service or in the local cadastre (there is a search engine based in the region).

Statements may be outdated – but if the cadastral is completed somewhere, the property is registered as an "unknown owner" and a special procedure is required to remove that designation. This information is provided by the local cadastral offices.


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