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An extension of the deadline for submitting corrections and objections during the Suspension phase was given by the Register of 19 Local Authorities of the Serres Regional Unit.

The Hellenic Cadastro, which announced yesterday the start of the suspension process for 6 regions of Thessalonica, decided to extend the deadline until Wednesday, July 17, for the residents of the local authorities of the Serres Regional Unit in the Central Macedonia Region.

The extension of the term refers to the owners of the following Local Authorities:

a) Amphipolis

b) Visalism

(c) New Zealand and

d) Local Procaptodistrian Authorities: Validopiou, Dafnoudi, Emmanouil Pappas, Messokomi, Metals, Monovrysis, Neos Skopos, Neou Souliou, Paralimni, Peteninou, Pentapoleos, Toumbas, Chrysos, Psychiko of the Municipality Kallikrati of Emmanouil Pappas.

The Land Registry informs the beneficiaries that postal extracts of the Tables and Cadastral Diagrams have already been sent by mail to the contact address declared by each citizen.

Registration: The Suspension Procedure

As indicated in the relevant announcement of the Hellenic Register, owners have the ability to control the registration of their properties and correct any errors.

This process ensures that the cadastral survey is properly completed and that there will be no problems in the subsequent operation of the Land Registry. The Land Registry invites all owners to participate in the process "to avoid unnecessary complications in the future".

Upon completion of the Suspension, which includes the submission and examination of correction / correction requests and the corresponding correction in the registration tables, the final registration data is produced, the Initial Registration Records and the Registration Office begins to operate in that area, on the spot of the Land Registry.

How is the Cadet Post charged electronically?

After the publication starts, each beneficiary will be able to see the data related to it and electronically through the website in the portal e-KTIMATOLOGIO e-Services.

Each beneficiary can view Suspension items using the security codes they use in the taxisnet applications or by creating (if they do not already have) the personal code of their Cadastre and also entering the "three keys" found in the proof of their statement. If he uses the taxi codes, he'll see all the properties of the drop zones and he'll be tied to his tax ID.

It is also electronically supported to send a request for rectification of personal data through the special "Post" application in the "Recording" section of the electronic services. The data required to access this service are three "keys": Declaration Declaration Number, Personal Code and Property Code, which appear on the Declaration of Declaration of Declaration.

Registration Offices

Temporary Registration Letters and Interim Registration Plans will be posted at the Registration Offices and will remain open until July 17, 2019.

According to the Land Registry, anyone with a legitimate interest may, until this date, submit a request for correction or objection to the elements of the Submission to the respective Cadastral Office.

In particular, for the request to correct a manifest error, the submission deadline is until May 4, 2020. Late submissions may also be submitted by the same date.

Office of the Cadastral Office

For the municipalities of the municipality of Kallikrati Amfipolis:

Mayor Hadjipapidou 4, RODOLIVOS Tel: 23240-72474

For the municipalities of the municipality of Kallikratis de Vissalia:

Ath Argyrou 28, NIGRITA Tel: 23220-22226

For the municipalities of Kallikrati Emmanouil Pappas:

Gold Center, CHRYSO Tel: 2321074415

For the municipalities of the municipality of Kallikrati of Nea Zihni:

Before the court, N. ZIHNI Tel: 2324023860

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

and Wednesday from 08:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.



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