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"Pump" 4.2 billion in the budget than the retrospective of pensioners

The most … painless way to return retroactive pensions to pensioners who are massively executed by the courts.

The Minister of Labor Efi Achitsoglou Last week I spoke for ten months retrospectively, covering the period from June 2015 to May 2016. However, this is the period until when the Catrugal law was passed and not until the end of 2018, as the retirees state.

In the case of a retrospective review of ten months by the government, the budget cost is 4 billion euros. Lawyers, on the other hand, claim that the retroactivity period extends until the end of 2018, when pensions were recalculated. In this case, the cost to the budget rises above 9 billion.

The cost

Pensioners who claim, in retrospect, about 2.5 million and the amount is huge. For the 10-month retrospectives mentioned by Ms. Ahitsoglu, the government must achieve a primary surplus of 5.5%.

Of course, the political benefits that the government will get in the run-up to parliamentary elections, despite huge budget costs, also come to an end.

The monthly cost of claimed retroactive claims is estimated at € 175 million, or € 1.75 billion for the ten-month period, or 2.1 billion per year, and only from the 2012 cuts that were considered unconstitutional in and supplementary pensions. The addition of gifts that were completely abolished in 2012 (a cut that was also considered unconstitutional in 2015) amounts to 4.2 billion a year.

For the period of 10 months, the 2.5 million retirees demand a refueling from 650 euros and up to 7,000 euros. In the case of complaints arriving until December 2018, that is, 42 months, the amounts amount to up to 27,000 euros for a pensioner with a principal and an auxiliary.

The 660 euros are mainly for farmers, retirees of the old OGA, who, with a minimum pension of 330 euros, received full donations until 2012.

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