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Preliminary survey of electric scooters circulating in Thessaloniki a prosecutor said, following a lawsuit filed in the last 24 hours.

At his request, the head of the Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki, Stefanos Zarkantzias, asks to investigate in which legislative framework the electric skates circulate and if the provisions of the Road Traffic Code (KOK) are violated. The investigation should be conducted by the Thessaloniki Transit Police. He had preceded a lawsuit, which he had filed in the previous days with a citizen, who argued that the use of skaters, as well as not verified, is also illegal.

The new mode of transport has made its appearance in the city in recent months as part of a pilot operation, and since the early days many, especially the younger Salonica, have tried to use it, calling it an easy and environmentally friendly means of transport .

On the other hand, there is a constant concern about the absence of a legislative and regulatory framework in order to determine exactly which rollerblades, so as to be subject to the provisions of the Code of Conduct and, on the other hand, to have a regulation governing the safe cooperation of pedestrians and drivers.

The concerns mentioned above were intensified following the recent accident in Kalamaria, when a 16-year-old electric skateboarder collided with a vehicle. car resulting in injuries and hospitalization in Thessaloniki for first aid. The accident occurred in the middle of last month and was the first officially registered record with an electric scooter.

On the occasion of this incident, the mayor of Thessaloniki Yannis Boutaris referred to the issue of electric skates, saying that "its use has become dangerous". As pointed out during the days of city council, he contacted the traffic police, who reported that there is no institutional structure. At the same time, he proposed as a solution to reduce the skating speed limit by 5 to 10 km / h.


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