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Probably not Turkey finally receiving the S-400

USA: It is likely that Turkey will not finally receive the S-400

The United States believes it is "likely" that Turkey will finally renounce the purchase of the Russian S-400 defense system, which has triggered a crisis in relations between the two NATO allies.

"It's likely," said US Defense Undersecretary Heather Wilson, speaking to reporters in Washington. "Diplomats continue to work in that direction," he added.

The US has asked Turkey to choose between US S-400 and US F-35 fighters. In early April, innovative supplies of the F-35 were discontinued, while two of these fighters, delivered in June 2018, remained at Liuck Air Force Base near Phoenix, Arizona, officially for use in training Turkish pilots.

"We continue to train the Turkish pilots at Liuck Air Force Base, but we do not think we can send these planes to an S-400 country," Wilson said.

Ankara has formally refused to revoke its decision and says delivery of the first S-400 arrays will begin in the summer, in June or July.

The Turkish press has said that several alternatives are being considered, such as not activating the S-400 after being received or transferred to a third country.

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