Power of love Gala: Bakodemou announcement voiding the vote (vid)


The negative voting moment is difficult for all players, since nobody can imagine the evolution and the turn that the game can give.

Alexandra got eleven negative votes, while Ntdaris was the one of the boys' house that was expelled.

The two players were not in the best psychological situation because they wanted to stay in the game so they could find their game and why not reach the final.

Alexandra told Maria Bakodimou that the game will continue for her away from home, since she would like to meet with Johnny and talk after he shows interest.

On the other hand, Notaris hid his bitterness and anger.

Shortly before, Maria Bakodimou said goodbye to the two players, opened the box inside which hid a surprise for all.

The newspaper says how one is going to leave and players have to vote who wants to leave.


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