Polytechnic: Prosecution of one prisoner of conscience against six prisoners


A crime grade was committed against six out of a total of 19 prisons of Yesterday's Episodes in the larger area of ​​the Polytechnic after the end of the course set for the US Embassy.
Against the six prisoners, a criminal case was taken for the crime of the explosion as well as for contravention of the category of dangerous bodily harm. The accused were referred to the investigator.
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At the expense of seven others, including minors, they were sued for misdemeanors, charges of offenses involving dangerous personal injury, common peacemaking and resistance to the Authority. The defendants were sent to trial.
It is worth noting that the remaining detainees are hospitalized in Attica hospitals and will pass the threshold of the judicial authorities in the coming days.
At the same time, according to ELAS, of the 19 prisoners, 15 are Greek and all four are foreigners. Among the natives, she is a 25-year-old woman, and of the four foreigners, the two are under 13 and 17, originating in Palestine and Romania, respectively.

naftemporiki.gr with information from AMPE


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