Plate with the national? You will have a national plate!


Last Friday, the day after the national victory over Finland, I wrote here on Fosonline, about Angelos Anastasiadis and his conquest.

With the title "Let Agèche have already seen everything with you," I commented on the statements of the federal coach, then, with a good start and running from his winning debut on the team bench, he told reporters: "I see you all with me "! And I emphasized how "Anastasiades can speak with great confidence as soon as he began his rightful mandate on the national team. Anyone at his age and at his training level would do the same. GuardsOf course he would be saying different things and would have been at least angry with his players because they even won with a loser, not a giant, but the case, except for honest Finland. Do not make international heroes if Estonia prevails … "

Before Anastasiades spent three days he landed abruptly like the weak and weak Estonia will have to say no to the miracle of the Virgin Mary, but to a very great double in its history, this in Greece, even in an unsuspecting organization like this League of Nations. It wins over those who have separated over the last four years at the expense of our unrepentant nationality and increase the self-confidence of the little ones (Faroe, Finland, Estonia, etc.).

So I was writing that, with Angelo, what he has to do with his coaching career, we've seen it all. What PAOK and the other 12 teams that worked, almost three years of unemployment before Ivan Ivan's friends meet in the national team. I wrote "what we do not remember Angelos or someone from EPO or Vaggelis Grammenos is, under what criteria Anastasiades won other Greek coaches (as officials said) did they want a coach who knew the Greek reality?" Why has not he been hired? Takis Lemonis or the Savvas Pantelidis or the Giorgos Paraschos; The first one still has titles on your resume! Because in the end he was not hired Bajevic; Everything you know! What made Angelos have an advantage in recruiting? This is PAOKtzis and who likes the boss? How does it feel that Ivan had dismissed him from PAOK and told him to put Grammen in it to get him to Skimbe's position? That he had more years in the unemployment fund than everyone else and because "he is our own son, dumb and obedient, we went to the national team"?

Of course we do not expect an answer. The controversy is accepted and I suspect it will say that it is still early, that it received lands burned, that the German Skimbe broke the store and other good ones. Good people but the nationality of a country is not to compete nor spend our time nor relax of our teams. The national is the mirror of football in all countries. And because in Greece, a national team that we had in the years of professional football, only for Rehagel and Saintsthat is, from 2001 to 2014, it would be good for B. Grammenos and the consultants and their delegates to the EPO to be serious and do their best.

Angelos Anastasiadis has already been overtaken by football. Let's work on a small league squad or let him find work in teams of the 2nd and 3rd national. In the end, we'll be hired on an EPO committee or even better PAOKwho is so dear. In Angel (because the subject is not personal, but Anastasiades is the now recruited …), can not work on national, for the simple reason that he can not inspire any footballer. He can not give incentives, to carry a view. No international will give him the proper meaning, nobody will be spoiled because Angel will talk to him even if he thinks the Virgin will do it … Messi!

Footballers, especially proto-classical, are generally recognized, spoiled children. He wants many delicate manipulations to bring them a coach wherever he wants them. Does the coach have the personality that will be imposed in a way that will make the player respect him or her to ask "with this coach with a good coat?" Respect you win with the character, the job, the possibilities you have to play the players one step above. What do you think the angel has? By sharing crosses, people laugh. Imagine the international! What will Socrates and Manolaz think of working with great European technicians? What can Fortune, Mandalos, Pelek, Mt.Groullo think of when they hear patriotic national crowns and greetings from their trainer? Who will sit to hear the commands of the game when almost all of them will cry? When you go for interference solutions in a position as serious as the federal one, only you will eat your buttons. Plate with the national? You will have a national plate!

Unfortunately, they do not put the mind behind them. They want the goddess shop where they will baptize every bitterness, tell the technician whom to call and who does not want public relations to sell bosses. As it had been decades before Rehagel and Santos, as happened in the 1980s, where all possible and unlikely coaches (Panagoulias, Papapostolou, Sofianidis, Archontidis, Daniel, Polychroniou, Georgiadis and how many more …), caught a stall and in one or two seasons baptized more than 50-60 players … international!

Instead of looking for a coach with vision, appetite, ambition to do something good, good and modern, and of course he will work as he knows and wants without interference and murmuring, but in the Federation they do exactly the opposite because they do not are interested in the national as a group, but as I'm surprised!

Why did Ott Rehagel and Fernando Santos succeed? Why did they make the national club almost closed and were wrongly accused of it! They did not pay attention to the media, they did not understand Christ from what they protested. But they also had an EPO president who supported them (Gagatsis, Pilavius, as sharp as he looks …) with his eyes closed and did not let anyone approach the team. When the EPO government took over, Giorgos Sarris started the inflexible to finish Santos and let the team fly. To understand the mindset. And because they could not finish, they did everything to force you to leave. And when he went to the top 16 in the world and a penalty lost at the 8th World Championship in Brazil, that he almost ran and left the team to return from Rio alone. For such minds we say that until … Anastasiades arrives …


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