Phuket: Handcuffed handcuffed and mute found dead beauty – Unknown Greek suspect


The Thai authorities, however, consider that the accused returned to Greece and I asked for it Interpol to issue a signal for his arrest.

The couple left on February 11 for a hostel in Bang Tao. A few hours after leaving the suspect crossed the control of an international airport Phuket and embarked on a flight to Dubai.

The victim's family was trying to communicate with the unhappy girl for five days. Finally, on February 16, his body was found in the guest room.

The owner of the hostel informed the Aewkaew family that the room air conditioner was running but was not serviced by anyone. Then he took a stake and, as he said, he found the dead girl, knitted a handcuff with a black cloth in his mouth, while he brought a deep trauma forward and a lot of bruises on his head and body.

As the international media reports, the 42-year-old man He was working at a nightclub in Athens., while she already has a daughter.

During his marriage to Niramon, he was jealous and oppressive, according to the victim's family. The environmental man even said that the relatives of the 43-year-old man concerned about their safety..

In 2016, he threatened to he would kill her if he left him. as a result one of Niramon's sisters, then to go to the police station to report it, but a year later, the couple married. A marriage that was tragic …


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