Thursday , June 24 2021

Papathanasis: New catering business support program is coming POLICY

The Ministry of Development and Investment is considering new measures to support catering companies related to the seasonal nature of its operation, said Deputy Minister for Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis

Speaking to ANT1, Mr. Papathanasis noted that a new financing program through the NSRF will be announced shortly, which will cover the costs of “extending” the functioning of the outdoor spaces and mentioned as an indication the glass curtains, pergolas and heating means.


Asked about the subsidy of 534 euros for workers under contract suspension, the deputy minister said that “there are some cases in which the 534 euros have not been allocated to the beneficiaries. We are facing this and the money will be given to whoever is entitled ”.

Papathanasis: There will be no horizontal lock

The deputy minister underlined that “there will be no horizontal block, there will be local block” and added: “Whatever the announced measures, they are valid. The stores will not be completely closed, not even in the areas that are on the 4th floor”.

Answering a question about the beneficiaries of the repayable advance, he noted that there is an algorithm that manages the money and that there is no human intervention for the amount that each company receives.

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