Papakosta and Moumoulidis were defeated in Aridaia and Siatista – Newsbeast


At the Aridaea liberation ceremony, the Citizen Protection Minister appeared on Sunday morning Katerina Papakosta, which has been object of disapproval by the citizens present.

When the vice minister's name was heard by the announcer and she herself received and deposited the wreath at the monument to the dead, loud protests were heard as a demonstrator shouted, "Macedonia is one and it's Greek." In addition, the desire to "live Macedonia" was heard.

SYRIZA MP was also the addressee of the conviction Themis Moumoulides in the context of the events for the liberation of the Siatista. Presenting the wreath, someone present told him, "Did you give up Macedonia and put up a wreath? Are not you ashamed?" The deputy then asked for the floor.



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