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In fact, in some scientific fields, the fall admission bases is expected to be vertical, notes the newspaper "Eleftheros Press" (20/06).

Giannis Vafeiadakis, president of the Federation of Teachers of Education of Greece (OEEF), made his first evaluations and argued that the subjects of Physics and Chemistry were those that stood out because the subjects in them were the most difficult perhaps all the time, certainly the last 10 to 15 years of age.

According to Mr. Vafiadakis, this is translated as follows: "I do not know if we will see a Polytechnic School above 18,000 points this year, even in Athens and Salonica we can have a significant drop."

And the popular doctors will take … the walk, according to Mr. Vafeiadaki. "The same goes for the health sciences, although here the biology, which is the minor issue, has not had significant deviations from the issues of the past year. Chemistry will set the tone here too," he noted.

"By risking a prediction," he added, "it will overturn the 19,000-foot barrier of Athens medicine while other medical schools will fall."

In the 4th scientific field of Informatics and Economics, the fall will not be due, according to Mr. Vafiadakis, only in the difficulty of the questions, but also in the increase of the number of admitted.

In the only scientific field that is not expected to be a major change, it is the 1st of the Humanities. "Bases can move up slightly in some schools, stabilizing in some others, based on the first estimates that we have to correct some courses," Vafiadakis said.

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Source of information: Journal "Free Press".

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