Saturday , October 23 2021

Paco Erera starts at I did not mean that Aris is a smaller club – Mars


His statement that "we were younger than our opponents. PAOK, Olympiacos and AEK are favorites, but I liked that a small team like Mars – who had missed so many years in the first category – has managed to give so good football " but the Spanish with its exclusive declaration in clarifies what that meant.

He also takes the place in the tweet of the journalist, Lito Jimenez, who said that Erera is four months without pay, something that Mars denied. The 64-year-old technician described Cetrin's fans as the best he met in his life, but he also enjoyed every moment of the Thessaloniki team. In details:

"I never said in the interview that I was not paid, the journalist asked me, but I explained to him that this is a personal matter that, even if it were, I would not say publicly in an interview, and did not mean that Mars is a club PAOK, AEK and Olympiacos.

At every press conference before and after the races, I was saying we're trying to get to their level. I was just playing racing. Of course I did not compare teams as clubs. Mars for me is a huge club. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work on this great team. The fans were fantastic. The best fans I've ever met in my life. Very different from Spain. I enjoyed every day at work.

When I went to Thessaloniki with my wife, Mars met me and asked me to take a picture with them. I will never forget these days. We built a team from the start with several new football players. We made a fantastic start with victories. Then came the four defeats, but we lost a lot and always with the same philosophy, looking in the eyes of every opponent and trying everywhere and always for victory.


Erera: "Aris is younger than PAOK, AEK and Olympiacos"
Mars: denying the Erera "not paid"

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