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Olympiakos were defeated in the Euroleague final.

The Red Bulls checked out the game, held the lead and scored three goals, but Sabadell, with a break in the finals, was crowned European champion at home.

The top of all Harris Pavlides was Baklink with four goals while the Spaniards scored Neshoul with four goals at crucial points of the match.

Red Bulls entered the game with a two-goal lead with Baylings and Eleftheriades, with Orty and Garcia lowering (1-2 and 2-3) until the eighth final. Red Bulls rebounded to +2 (2-4) with Asimakis goals, but Espar and Nesshult were tied for the first time with two goals (4-4).

In the break, the Reds took double the advantage with Tsoukalas and Ballink, but the Spanish equalized with Nesshul and Ortiz Muniz, completing the first half with 6-6.

In the middle of the third period, Sabadell took the lead (8-7) with Marker Noschoul, but Olympiacos quickly found a reaction. He initially drew 8-8 with a well-executed Avramidos penalty and made a series of four goals by 11 to 8, five minutes before the end of the game.

Sabadell, however, did not say his last word. Forza and Ortiz reduced to the goal (10-11), while a missed Liberty Flight penalty three minutes before the end gave the opportunity for extra reaction.

Something that happened with three goals in three minutes, after an equal number of errors that were marked with reds.

It is worth noting that the Spaniards won 11 relegations for the game, against 3 of the reds, the second two minutes before the third eighth finalist.

At eight o'clock: 2-3, 4-3, 2-3, 5-2

Sabadell: Ester Ramos, Ortiz Reyes 1, Espar 1, Ortiz Muniz 3, Farrell Colomina G, Stefens 1, Cornetobes, Garcia Gódi 1, Forka 2, Núsúl K.4,

Olympiakos: Stamatopoulou, Eleftheriades 1, Manoloudakis, Avramidou 1, Asimaki 1, Gleers Pleuritou Sea, Baikling 4, Tsoukalas 2, Myrikekefalitaki, Doureka.


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