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Novartis case: Andreas Loverdos is the prosecutor – Newsbomb – News

According to information, the head of the Public Prosecution Against Corruption, Eleni Touloupaki Urges former Health Minister Andreas Loverdos on Friday (03/05/2019) in the morning to take an oath (without oath) to the Novartis case. The former minister is invited to give explanations in his capacity suspected of committing a criminal offense and in particular Bribery.

Andreas Loverdos is entitled on Friday morning to appear before the Public Prosecutor for Corruption, request and receive term to be informed of all the elements of the procedure and to prepare the explanatory statement.

As it is known, before Easter is sent, through the Office of the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, a dossier in Parliament requesting the waive parliamentary immunity to Andreas Loverdos, to allow a call to be sent and considered suspicious. The multi-page transcript described the act of bribery to which the former minister is invited to explain at this procedural stage.

It is worth noting, however, that calling anyone as a suspect does not mean that he is also a defendant. That is because, after providing the explanations he will give, the prosecutor has the procedural capacity, to process or file the case file.

At the same time, in the hands of the Prosecutor against Corruption, the case of the former minister Marios Salma, in relation to the hypothesis of overdurated arthroscopy.

The file of the case, sent after the conclusion of the investigation into the parliament to lift the immunity of the former minister, concerns possible damage to EOPYY of the case of exaggerated referrals for arthroscopy.

According to the same information after the waiver of immunity and the transmission of the file to the matter of days sending a call for explanations and for Mr. Salma.

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