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Battle to keep in life gives a man a few hours after his marriage was seriously injured falling off the stairs.

Chris Mallon and Avril joined the wedding shroud at a ceremony of relatives and friends in West Lothian, Scotland.

According to the Daily Mail, the unfortunate groom, along with a hotel employee who held the wedding reception they transferred the gifts to the couple's room when the accident occurred.

"I can not believe that I do a post for my husband, my soul sister." I wanted everyone to know the truth about what happened on the first night of our marriage. While Chris was at the top of the stairs, he lost his balance, tried to get caught off the railing, but did not, and fell from a height of about four meters.Me and his family did not get out of the way, we prayed and waited May our love help you to overcome it. Please pray for it. Avril wrote in her personal account on Facebook.

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