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Nicoletta Rallis, in an explosive appearance for Eleni Menegaki, managed to deconstruct the hostess many times during the conversation, until Eleni raised her hands upstairs. Giorgos Mavridis had a prominent place in his discussion, and the prisoners for ANT1 were also missing …

"Yesterday we had a show together, but this time! Did someone see it? It takes an hour to finish the Nomads! You had to start at 11:45 PM and it started 00:30, sorry do not say that?

George is the man who, when lying on his chest, has such wrists, so soft the sound and rhythm that I instantly relax. It's sedative.

He began to send me messages, not sexually, "to meet, I was very happy to meet him, etc." He asked for my phone because, since I was going to Athens at night and going out with Anadiotis, he wanted me to go with him. But I did not leave because I could not.

See how Nicoletta Ralli managed to lead Helen Menegaki in desperation:



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