New facts about the death of the 22-year-old student in Egaleo


New facts about the death of the 22-year-old student in Egaleo

The 22-year-old mysterious death of Areti Zacharopoulou is over as the police investigation proceeds swiftly and discovers new facts.

According to the application information. Patris, officers of the GADA Police Department, have a full view of what has happened since Thursday night and Arete's latest communication with his family until Saturday afternoon and are awaiting data recovery. computer and Facebook of Areti, as well as the secrecy of crossing the people with whom they talked by telephone.

Of course, the information comes out with the eyedropper as the pre-judgment is in progress, however, "Patrice" was informed of two specific facts: that he did not have a party at home and that the death of Virtue occurred to the noon on Saturday.

Police officers await the results of fingerprinting and focus their attention on whether someone else was in the apartment during the suicide operation or shortly before it was executed. If that is the case, then we are violating Article 301 of the Penal Code: "Any person who has intentionally conceived of another to commit suicide, suicide or attempted suicide, and anyone who has been assisted by it is punished with imprisonment."

The family lawyer, Kostas Tzavaras, said in lv. "Patris," that the Authorities carefully scrutinize every detail of the case in order to gather the elements that may lead to a person's call for deposition and – without further details for obvious reasons – seemed convinced of the influence of the circuits in Areti, which led her to suicide.

"It turns out that Virtue is a tragic victim of the media of social networks and the uncontrolled use that allows the existing regulatory structure in various groups to engage in criminal activities in the name of some supposed satanic or other beliefs. it is encouraging that the case has been released, "he said in a statement. Mr Patras, and expressed the conviction that there would soon be evidence that the unhappy girl from one point and then became the victim of some people who were made to cut her family and friendly environment to meet the desires that in this case convinced her and led her to suicide as the highest form of personal redemption.

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