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Nafplio: Cloudy "Flower of the Moon"!


Published: 19.05.2019 | 00:11

Newsit Newsroom

The new full moon, "The Flower Moon," did not allow lovers of astronomical phenomena to take advantage Saturday night (18.5.2019) next to the night of museums in the city of Nafplio due to heavy overcast.

At the same time, this full moon is "Blue Moon", for it is the third of the four full moons that take place in the spring.

According to the international media, in ancient times Native Americans did not separate time in months, as later with Julian and the Gregorian calendar.

They measured the time by giving a name to each Full Moon to divide the seasons and the lunar months.

The names are based on an activity or event associated with that period. Of course, the separation and the nomenclature were not the same everywhere and therefore gave different names.

The name "Flower Moon" comes from the fact that May marks the fertility season, where temperatures are warm enough, the cold and the frost are over, while all nature is flourishing.

Depending on the area, the full moon of May is called "Flower Moon", "Mother Moon" and "Corn Seed Moon".

The four full moons of spring were "Full Moon of Worms" on March 20 "Full Moon Rose" on April 19 "Flower Full Moon" – which, however, remained hidden from the clouds – followed by "Strawberry Full Moon" which will take place on 17 June.


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