Me vs. Everything About Brexit


The war of declarations broke out once again in Britain's ruling Conservative party following Brexit's emerging agreement. "There is no alternative," insists Prime Minister Teresa Mei.

"The government needs to maintain a stronger stance, resist irrational demands, withdraw if necessary from negotiations, need courage and political will." That is what Minister Brexit, a five-month-old Dominique Rabab, told the Sunday Times, which resigned on Thursday after it approved the Brussels Accord. New times, new morals.

But Prime Minister Teresa Mie in her article in The Sun reiterates that it is the only agreement guaranteeing economic stability, social cohesion and security in the United Kingdom. Excludes any changes to the 586-page text except for the fixes and technical adjustments that will occur during the conversations during the nearly two-year transition period. It should be recalled that the Prime Minister does not exclude the extension of the transitional period.

Will there be signatures to overthrow Mei?

And while Teresa May has launched a campaign to defend the agreement with a series of articles and TV shows, the aggressive shamans are puffing at their moods, who have decided to stay in office and stand next to the prime minister. In their effort to collect the 48 letters that will open the process of clearing – a process that is well known for taking them nowhere – they are shooting arrows against Michael Gow and Liam Fox, Ministers of Environment and Foreign Trade who refused to give up, the best deal at the moment. The great problem of the Brexists is the lack of an alternative plan. Lack of attempts to cover up British and national sovereignty on five continents and seven seas.

While all this is happening in the ruling party, Teresa Mei turned her attention to the crucial session of the House on Dec. 11 when MPs will be invited to approve or reject the agreement. The opposition threatens to vote against it, but if the 27 European leaders approve it for the first time at the extraordinary summit of the European Union on November 25, it will no doubt convince many Labor MPs to support the prime minister.

Maria Kastrisianaki, London

Source: Deutsche Welle


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