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"In Matti's area, I saw the size of the destroyed burned houses, burned people, and the image of Biblical devastation." Chaos, Dante's hellish, the vehicles leading up to the fireworks retreated and parked and did not try. "

This is the report about the magnitude of the tragedy of Mati, identified by the "black" eighth dayth July – and not the next dawn, as claimed by the government's mechanism – is mentioned by the mayor of Rafina Pikermi, an explanatory note issued by the judicial authorities, Evangelos Bournos . In addition, the same record identifies the "absence" of firefighting from tragedy.

The mayor of Rafina has sentenced 21 suspects (including the Fire Department, the EL.AS, the local government, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, etc.). He explained the tragedy of Mati.

In his 46-page "To Vima" memo, Mr. Burnouns was basically responding to a report by an officer of a fire department that he was ordered to leave the eye. The Mayor of Rafina denies having met the firefighter and has completed his distinctive voice "(just all I need to know is that the Argives, 100 lives are lost and some still do not stick to anyone), points out that they never and in no way followed a document of the Fire Department's similarity to the firefighter officer content. Whether it is fax, mail, SMS, it determines the time, the device to be handled, when and what border areas were the evacuation areas, including decision-making power, region, mayors, etc.

In order to promptly fill out: "I have no incentive (just or unfair) to forbid any order from the Fire Department if it is formulated, on the contrary, she and her office."

In addition, Burnous remarks: "Even if he had given orders in the context of a work hypothesis at the specific time when the fire" finished his work, "in what way, how would it be done – safely – the superficial and firefighting officer who did not exist and in which direction would you lead the people? Towards the sea, towards the fiery facades or toward a certain exit?

In your memory, it should be emphasized that the Attica region's coordinating body at 20 o'clock, when it was away, "exempts the responsibility". As you claim, "allow me to appreciate, but the convening of a body at that time is aimed at exposing certain persons to some light, not against the fight against fire." The legitimate representatives of Mayor Rafina, lawyers in Athens, Ioannis Laggas and Thrasybulos Kontaxis "as was the case at the beginning of the procedure, and at the current stage of the procedure, Mr. Bournos, Mayor of Rafina, handed over all the information and information he possessed by the Truth. This evidence reveals that the Mayor of Rafina separately as the Rafina Municipality as an organization and services originally they took care of it and then made every effort manually to prevent tragic results from the deadly fire. "


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