Matsioulis: "I like Athens, it all depends on AEK or Panathinaikos" – Basketball – Greece – Panathinaikos Basketball – Panathinaikos – A.E.K.


It's a good idea to stay in Athens, either by AEK or your old team, Panathinaikos, leaving Jonas Matsioulis looking forward to the new season by talking on the 15min website.

«I do not know, everything will depend on my hand (laughs). He would only return to Lithuania for Zalgiris. I'm not looking for other solutions. Athens is unlikely, she loves my family very much. It all depends on AEK or Panathinaikos. The player can think a lot, but the teams decide"Said the 34-year-old.

Referring to his serious injury, he said:Doctors in Germany said they saw nothing, maybe just an old injury. But it was not so. Immediately I took a picture and sent it to our doctors, who told me to put the plaster immediately. When we got back, we got magnetic and saw that there was a fracture".

He added that "… I will stay in Greece until the end of the season, because my daughters go to school. There is an excellent clinic with the latest technology to make treatments".

The world of China probably forgets, but does not "cut" the national team. «My big goal is to play in the Olympics. We have a new generation of players who grew up, but we also need some veterans. Experience is useful. If things go well, I want to stay in the national team until 2020".

Talking about the differences between Real and AEK said: "In Real, we had all the transfers on a private plane. But I can not complain about anything at AEK. We have good conditions, a good medical center and everything we need. Both AEK and Panathinaikos may not provide charter, but all other sporting conditions are good".


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