MasterChef: Thanou's departure brought revelations that "burn" his teammates


For everyone, the MasterChef player, Thanos Spanos, spoke for the second time about the culinary reality. Called on the "No Canil Cu" program, Thanos also referred to players who, when he returned home, were constantly asking for everything that sounded to those outside.

Speaking of Stamatis who left, he said, "Stamatis was the first to ask what he was saying. The first one to come home was me and he asked me what they were saying and I said," You're a little bad. " The rest came at some point in the week to the bedroom and they asked me what they were saying. You told them, but pretty much the kids had an idea … Lately Stamatis was staying in the room for a while … it looked like he was thinking about things.He was worried … "while talking about Asimina and Spyridoula.


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