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It was … Tuesday (as Lakis Lazopoulos would say) once again in prime time. Competition this year is tough and the "fight" for this seeing Every Tuesday night is very interesting. However, this MasterChef 3 shows that he is the winner so far in the case of the public, with regard to the young community, in large numbers.

The general set is the case of "Tattoos", While the Survivor 3, although this year there are still tensions, accidents and inconveniences, it does not say to persuade the television audience. O Lakis LazopoulosOn the other hand, he seems to have stayed at the base with his "Al Tantri" while "Al Sichtiri", which was normally shown this week (last week he did not leave on television "air") with guest Yannis Plutarco could not keep the interest of the spectators.

On the other hand, this year is her year Study of Eleonora with the show "After Midnight". Last night with George Mavridis invited scored impressive numbers, leaving Antonis Kanakis's "Vinil" behind.

In detail, prime-time and late-night audience numbers:

MasterChef 3: 20.3% overall – potential audience 31.5%

Tattoos: a total of 21% – a potential audience of 16.7%

Return: total of 18.7% – potential public 17.2%

Survivor 3: 15.5% – Prospects 145

Al Tantari: total of 10.7% – potential public 10.2%

Play the fryer: 14.9% – potential audience 16.4%

After midnight: total of 22.4% – potential audience of 20.1%

Vinyl: General 16.2% – 14.4%

Al Sichtiri: 8.5% overall


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