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Martyr style – Football – Superliga – Articles – Olympiakos


So Francois Modesto finds another player in France, making a warm welcome to the management of Olympiacos to acquire the player.

The reason for the extreme stock of Ajaxo, Lode, which was carefully observed by the head of the department of recognition of white and red.

Information from France informs that Olympiacos is ready to complete the transcript of the young defensive that Montreux led throughout the year.

And there is one element that should be highlighted and it's about Fode's style. The young Ajaccio player is the extreme defense style that Pedro Martins wants.

A fast defensive player with many highlights in the opposing area. A defensive player who is involved in the offensive part of the game and this is a necessary element for the Olympiakos coach.

And seeing how aggressively the Reds helped in the year-end bids last season, he understands why Martins insists on defensive opponents who can attack the edges.

It is also worth mentioning that Martins saw the player on DVD when he was informed by Modesto and the Portuguese got a good view of the young defender.

It is very important for Olympiacos to make choices, especially when it comes to suggestions from people who know specific markets. And Modesto knows very well what is happening in France and the principal is able to know not only the first, but also the second category.

The same happens with Pedro Martins and Portugal, because what they saw in the light of the evidence reveals that Olympiacos relied on the suggestions of his coach.

It is obvious that red and white people are putting their weight in these two countries (considering other cases, of course), since Martins and Modesto are able to make targeted choices.

And what should never be forgotten has to do with the Brazilian market and the good image of the Portuguese red coffee coach for the coffee country.

This is something to keep in mind because Martins always has a look at Brazil and at any moment there may be a question of transcription of the Brazilian championship.

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